5 Reasons Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday

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Halloween, my favorite holiday, the descent into darkness, madness, horror and a new cycle of death and rebirth.

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight…

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Why do I love it so much? For everything!

  1. It’s about being real

Although (or just because) it is a celebration concerning masks, it is the most real time of the year. You can be whoever you want and just because there is no pressure about that, you can even end up being yourself. When you are allowed to wear a mask in full sight, you usually pick somebody that illustrates who you’d like to be, that gives you the feeling you’d like to have the rest of the days, but that is also attainable and matches a part of your personality that is kept in the shadow. An unreached potential made magically possible for Halloween.

  1. It’s about the shadow work

If you’ve been putting off doing the shadow work, this is the time to start. There is no light without shadow and it’s impossible to only walk in the light. Take a deep breath and turn your sight inwards: the shadow is as much a part of yourself as is the light. It is the beginning of a beautiful cycle of loss (autumn), regeneration during the winter and regrowth once the spring season comes around. Without going deep into the abyss there is no chance to float with the clouds.

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  1. It’s about remembering the past

It is the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. As the wise saying goes, if you forget your past, you are bound to repeat it. Don’t forget it. Make peace with it, learn you lessons, take what’s yours, leave the rest behind and move into a better version of reality. Your past is what made you what you are today, forgetting it is forgetting yourself.

  1. It’s about your inner child

It’s the time of the year when you can really be a kid. Laughing out loud. Scaring people. No emotional involvement. Eating candy. Going from door to door talking to strangers. Wearing a silly costume. Going wild. Give into your inner child and do whatever s/he wants to do. You give it so little the rest of the time anyway. Let it run loose at least once and run with it. You won’t regret it, I promise!

  1. It’s about candy

‘Nuff said. No need to explain anything here.

child dressed in dark skeleton halloween costume eating candy

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