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Friends, last night I realized something important. Art shouldn’t be this very exclusive thing. It is so important in everyday life, that I wish a higher percentage of people had access to it. Imagine a world of square buildings painted grey, an endless series of cubes with empty eyes standing for windows; a world where the only sounds created by people are the hum of the air conditioning and the buzz of the car engine. A world where color is only used for traffic lights and color coding in financial folders. That is what a world without art looks like. Of course we need it so much that we found a way to bring it into our everyday existence and into the space we live in because it is an essential need. At a point in time we found out that it can also be used as therapy. So my opinion is that it should be easily accessible to the public.

As a response to this idea, this beautiful Thursday is the start of a sale on paintings, so that everybody can have an artistic element in their home, which would make their interior more pleasant, their life more beautiful and channel their energies, whatever they might be.

painting detail art for sale purple yellow acrylics on canvas fluid art therapeutic

The first painting on sale is Rising Strong. It’s a big painting (160X100cm), full of life and which can’t wait to delight you with its unbridled energy. I painted it at a time when I needed fresh energy to bring me back to life. I took the colors out of their tubes and let them run free. They did a great job and helped exactly where I needed them to.

The painting will match a space painted in neutral tones, whether it’s white, beige, grey or dark hues such as dark blue, violet, burgundy, or any space that you need to make dynamic and full of vitality. If you need a new breath of fresh air in your life, or just limitless enthusiasm, this is the painting for you.

The work is made in acrylics on gessoed canvas. The canvas is unstretched, so you will need to either stretch it, put it in a frame or mount it on 2 wooden stats. Or, if you are more of a free spirit you can just paste it to the wall without anything extra. The painting was (and still is online on Etsy and my site) on sale for 157 EUR, but starting today for a month you can have it for 65 EUR + shipping.

If you feel inspired by it or you want to be inspired from now on, DM me on:




I wish you happiness and joy.

art for sale interior design painting in light interior red yellow purple acrylics on canvas

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