Energy Painting Workshop

Energy Painting Workshop

Initially there were just 2 of us: myself, who I’m not counting, Sumi, good friend of mine whom I asked not to come because he’s stressing me out, and his girl Isa. I was kind of anxious, not a lot, though, just enough that I didn’t want anybody to show up… It was 11 o’clock. Seriously early after a festival night where nobody slept a wink. I woke up at 7 AM, after an obstacle sleep of 2 hours, dodging electronic hardcore scratches and wall vibrating base. I woke up to prepare for the workshop, materials and everything. I prepared it. It was 11 o’clock. I was sitting in front of the school where it was supposed to take place, when suddenly a couple shows up. They want to attend. I stare at them wide eyed, with this vein pulsating on my neck. I tell them to wait some more minutes just in case somebody else shows up a bit late. 15 minutes later nobody new came, so I urge myself into starting. The moment I start everything is just perfect! Everything just comes naturally. I tell them what energy painting is about, we do some stretching together and begin meditation. I notice their bodies are so relaxed and I admire them for having gone so deep with so much noise around. We go towards the inner workings of the body and feel it is alive. My eyes are open so I don’t slide into parallel dimensions as well, but everything is going smoothly. We feel the life of the body, we feel the life of the unconscious, we feel the emotion that we want to take towards the exterior and the canvas, people choose colors that represent that emotion aaand… some more people show up! They want to join. I look at them with cartoon eyes, because I’ve already done the intro. I ask them to wait a minute while the others choose art supply and form a separate group with the new comers. I start off again with the stretching, meditation, body, unconscious, etc… when we get to choosing colors, a new group comes along. They want to paint with us! I start over.

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Eventually it’s funny. I laugh at myself and my previous anxiety and fear over nothing. The participants are very caught up in what they’re doing. One of the guys told me beforehand he is not going to paint because he doesn’t know how to, he is more of a ‘Math’s man’. So I make a deal with him to paint an ugly painting. We shake on it and he starts working. Obviously, as I was expecting, his painting is one of the best, both from a chromatic and composition perspective. He can’t believe it. I can. When we allow ourselves to make mistakes, magic happens. I sort of cry a bit on the inside. It’s so wonderful to see people surprised by breaking their own limits, without even realizing when that happened.

One of the girls tells me she was amazed at how easy she went into the meditation state and managed to stay there and how it’s never really happened before, because she is a very logic person. So happy to have it confirmed again that ‘logic’ doesn’t stand a chance in front of grander things in life.

painting workshop couple painting boy girl brunettes

I take turns talking to everybody. There are also 3 children present, 2 girls and a boy. The little girls use pink, baby blues and other candy colors and they tell me the feeling they started with is happiness. They’re sweet, I start to feel just like them, although my T-shirt says ‘That’s enough’ in blood letters, and underneath that there’s a cat puking rainbows. The little boy painted a very blue background with a brown puddle on top. I asked him what he felt. He tells me: laziness! We all laugh. That little kid is cool!

After painting their emotions, everybody is in a good mood. They all tell me that everything they felt, all the pressure or whatever else tormented them during meditation is no longer with them. They left it on the canvas in the form of color and channeled it towards the exterior with meditation and acrylics. It’s a method that I’ve been using on myself for some time and I was really happy to be able to share it with others. I want more of this. And I think I just might… Sharing is caring.

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