Good and Evil and How to Get Rid of Them

Good and Evil and How to Get Rid of Them

Good and evil, such basic concepts, so close to our hearts. Or are they? Rather huge limitations that we have to go through in order to see the light of our own being shinning stronger than any sunrise we’ve ever seen.

Most of us believe in good and bad. And it’s just natural to happen that way. The concepts are so instilled into our brains by society, movies, education, religion (especially religion!) and thousands of years of conditioning that it takes a lot of work to see it otherwise. But if you keep doing the work, if you keep studying, thinking and especially FEELing and being in contact with you emotions, at some point, you don’t only feel and know these concepts are just constructions, but you will also understand why. And it will be liberating.

Now if you are reading these words and are disgusted by the idea that some weirdoes think there’s no good and bad and as a consequence they have no responsibility for their own actions and can just go around doing whatever they want, hurting people left and right, quit the judging. This is not what’s going on. Actually, it is quite the opposite. How?

First level is – you do something good because you expect to get a reward for it, whatever that might be.

Well, there is no other level until you truly realize these concepts are not real.

Until then, you always do something good for the reward. Whether it’s a financial or emotional reward is totally irrelevant. Most people who are considered ‘good people’ do good deeds for the emotional rewards. Some people are made happy by doing good deeds and some are made happy by doing bad deeds. So what is the initial energy behind both actions? A need for happiness, completeness, connection with source. Are the results of these 2 seemingly opposite actions the same? Short term – most of the time, no. Long term… the good could result in bad and the bad could result in good and there is just no predictability it.

Is this a plea to do whatever you want? Certainly not. However, when you truly change perspective you realize that you will feel no need to do ‘bad deeds’. Slowly they will no longer make you happy. You will realize the consequences of harming others will firstly harm yourself. It might not harm others, but you for sure will be hurt. Also, as you slowly get closer to your soul, the need for bad, drama and chaos is lost, because your soul has nothing to do with bad. Your soul is pure energy connected to source. There is no need for laws, religion, guilt or barriers of any kind to keep you within the boundaries of being a good person. You just naturally are.

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What happens if you do good for any other reason than your connection to your soul and to source? Examples: you do good things because you are a good Christian (insert any other religion here). Or you do it because it makes you feel like a better person, because your opinion of yourself is so low that only external deeds can keep you keep afloat in your ocean of self-inflicted pain? Or you do it because you have a hero complex, a white knight complex or you’re just a typical savior? Then your good deeds will backfire. You’ll be so keen on helping others that you will insist on saving people who don’t need saving, or your saving them will keep them from saving themselves and a better life long term. You will be highly judgmental of everybody not at your level of goodliness, constantly keeping yourself on a high horse and with no chance at helping yourself out of your condition.

If this crushes your whole concept of self or you are seriously bothered by it, wonderful! It means something is already waking up inside you. If you just dismiss it at bullshit, not a problem, you’ll encounter this problem over and over again until something starts to move. It is just not the time yet. No problem there. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and keep doing bad things, cheating, manipulating or whatever abuse of any kind and you are enjoying it, rest assured you are cheating on yourself, manipulating yourself, abusing yourself. If it is not apparent now, don’t worry, it will be. You might not realize where it’s coming from, but come it will.

What can you do about it? Just accept your human condition: you are not a good person! You are not a bad person!

Step 1: Find out who you really are. Strip away as much as possible of any concepts of yourself that you managed to put on your shoulders in years of programming.

Step 2: Accept who you are, all parts, whether you like them or not.

It will take a while. But then you are free.

Until then, peace and love!

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