How to Buy Art

How to buy art? You are art! Forget the buying part for now, there is more to it than meets the eye.


You Are Art

There is a lot of talk about art: what art is or isn’t, what we are supposed to hang on our walls so we don’t look stupid when our friends and their opinions come to visit, about how art has lost its meaning and is no longer a search for beauty, but a dive into the filth of everyday trivialities, etc.; the list can go on indefinitely.

With all this going on, I have assumed the freedom to consider art whatever I want it to be. Remember that scene from ‘American Beauty’, with that bag flying around, carried by the wind? (if not, see it here: American Beauty scene) Remember the look in his eye, the raw emotion brought from the depths by a mere piece of plastic? That is more art than any million dollar painting trapped in a dusty museum.



Art is personal. Nothing man-made can be art for absolutely everybody. Art makes you connect to your deepest self. Art is pieces from inside you: ravaged, loved or torn apart, brought into light and integrated into your consciousness. That is the purpose of art. If it doesn’t move you, it is not art. Not for you. If you look at it and it’s pretty, but doesn’t reach inside your body, grabs your subconscious by the hand and brings it out and shoves it in your face, it is just pretty and pretty is worthless.

Art is not a product, but a process. Therefore, when you buy art, make sure that you don’t buy the finished product, the canvas and paint on it, but the process. And I am not talking about the artist’s process of creation, although inadvertently you will be buying that as well. Buy YOUR process. The process that made you meet that painting, made you connect to it and made you want to be a part of its life. And be aware that when you bring it into your life, you as well will be brought into its life. You participated into the creation of that and don’t imagine for a second that since you paid for it, you own it. You cannot own art. At best, you own each other.

When you buy art, you buy yourself; it is a price you pay for meeting yourself again, bringing yourself home and sharing a space with your real self. Don’t waste your money on ‘buying’ ‘art’, use it to reunite with yourself again. Because YOU are ART.


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