How to Love Being at Home

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I love being at home. It is my sanctuary where I reload after a full day, where I feel comfortable in any corner of the house I choose to lay down with the laptop in my hand, where I can always come back and feel like myself again. But I haven’t always liked it. I started liking it since I learned  how to make the place I live in become my home and this hasn’t happened until I grew up and started to form myself as an adult. It’s true I’ve never been a party girl, but I didn’t like being at home either. I tried to be one for a while, but I finally realized I’m not succeeding despite all my efforts. So I finally gave up on being somebody else and am focusing on being myself. I see it’s coming together better than anything else.

When I realized I not only like being at home but I have a passion for homes in general, I went to college for that specifically, that’s how much I liked it. I graduated from interior design and it was something I was doing for myself and my passion. For a long while I was very much into designing various personal homes and I spent a lot of time searching for ornaments, furniture and colors that would fit me as much as possible. And then I figured out I can do this for others as well. Home is very important even if you only spend there 1 hour a day. Your home is you.

If you get home and don’t feel the best you could ever feel, it might be mostly because you have not designed it according to yourself and your own heart, but according to somebody else’s, or based on some impersonal trend. Or you just bought whatever you needed at the time, without considering the influence that the atmosphere at home has on your psyche. If you go out and buy everything you like or is necessary, at the end of the day you will probably have a huge mismatch that will make your everyday life uncomfortable. Interior design is a complex job, that arranging armchairs into a room makes up only about 1% of.

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How do you know that your home doesn’t match your personality? For example:

  • You have insomnia
  • You sleep enough, but you wake up tired
  • It’s not a joy for you to get back home
  • You don’t hold your home dear in your heart
  • You eat too much or too little.
  • You are agitated/ anxious/ angry

If you can’t find any external or internal reason for the list above, it’s possible that you might be in an environment that doesn’t fit you. If work is ok, family is ok and everything else is ok, there is one option left that people don’t usually consider: the home you sleep in and spend most of your time in doesn’t match your personality. How you got there is unimportant. Question is: what is the solution so you feel great at home?

Call an interior designer interested in this approach.

I for one like heavy fabrics, strong colors and low lighting. That makes me feel at home. But apart from that I also like strongly lit interiors, white from floors to ceiling, with huge well lit windows. How do I know what to choose and where I’d feel best long term? This should be followed by a series of questions that the designer should ask in order to reach the best outcome for yourself.

The elements that will adapt your home to your own personality are a result of answers to questions such as: What makes you happy? How do you want to feel at home? Calm and serene? In party mode with your army of friends? Is your home a place where you connect with your family? Do you want to sleep peacefully or have passionate moments? How is your connection to nature? Do you need it close by? Do you like summer or winter? Is your home a symbol of status? Do you want to impress your friends? Is tradition important to you? How many hours a day do you spend at home? How do you spend this time? How would you like to spend it? What are your hobbies? What are your passions? There are no wrong answers, just answers that would help you both design the place you live in into the home of your soul.

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