How to Quit Your Job and Love It

Have you always know what you wanted to do? Found your life calling yet? Maybe you’re on your way or you already got there and don’t know how to make the first step. I say – just do it. Get the fear, let it consume you and walk through it. You don’t need to find anything else to replace it. Except yourself. Replace your job with yourself!

How to Quit Your Job and Love It

– Multicolored Crack –

I’ve never really known what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t even looking for something specific, because I was so convinced it’s not for me to find my vocation. Never really felt a calling for anything in particular, except painting and maybe watching movies, but it just didn’t seem like enough material to get started. Sure, I enjoyed the usual going out, eating or sleeping myself into oblivion, you know, what we all do while searching for happiness or its opposite? Until one day, I found her: Jonna Jinton.

And everything changed, instantly. I watched some of her videos on YouTube (, checked out her site and I knew: she is already doing what I want to do: sharing her energy and art with the world. A fairy of the forest, fluttering into this brief human existence. I have already started to walk a path of self-discovery and authenticity a year earlier and when I saw her, it just clicked. My energy is not fairy like by far and I don’t live even close to any woods, but the sharing of energy part? The therapy through art? Yes, that I do have.

I was so scared to take the plunge that I toyed with the idea for a while, the entire autumn, to be more precise. Kept going to work just to tell myself every 2 days that this would be the last day doing something that is not true to my soul, all the while my mind drifting further and further from my corporate existence in a tall glass building in the city center.

One day, due to a bout of anger at some people (yes, anger is a powerful tool that has been both my blessing and my curse my entire life), it clicked, the shift was complete. I walked out on my job and kept going. I decided to give myself a full shot.

I drove around town almost the entire day, with a big grin on my face.  Still not sure if it was happiness or pure, raw, primordial fear. At the time it wasn’t even that important. It just felt like I was in someone else’s body and that person was on some serious multicolored crack. I met a lot of people and told them my story in a very high, shaky voice, riddled with emotion. They were watching doe eyed, in disbelief. I guess it must have been quite a show.

In the evening I went home and started feverishly painting. It felt right, I felt alive and walking the path that I started a year ago. My energy, that I have kept blocked down for such a long time was coming into existence and transforming into color. It felt right, I was buzzing with ideas and connected to source. I have finally decided to accept the gift completely and share it with others. A magical day that I’ll probably never forget!

So, as a summary, tips on leaving your job and loving it:

Step 1: Make sure you love drama, because a lot of it is going to follow, such as: friends congratulating and admiring you; former colleagues in awe of your bold move; parents, willing to sell their soul if you would only get back to work; mainly a lot of people in shock and in need of explanations.

Step 2: If step 1 is covered and you marked yourself down as a drama enthusiast, step 2 would be to make sure you have another reason for leaving your job rather than just hating it. Wait… what am I saying here? If you hate your job, of course you are gonna love leaving it! You don’t need another reason!

Step 3: Don’t let them tell you otherwise! If you feel like you found your calling and working somewhere else does in any way prevent you from reaching that calling, go for it no matter what they say. Cliché as it might sound, follow your soul, it is the only part of you that knows what you need.

Has it been worth it for me? Yes, a million times yes. I have never worked more before and still have never been happier doing it. Work has never managed to make me happy, not even once in all these years. So then I guess I am not exactly working, but doing what I like. And it’s a huge difference.

There is only one key step to quitting your job and loving it: make sure it’s what you really want. When you do what you really want and you are who you really are, the natural result is to just love it. There is no way around it.

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