Morning is my favorite time of the day. I like to wake up early and breathe in the blue light, the contours of leaves are closer and more intense. I like the quiet before everybody wakes up, just myself, animals and trees, fluorescent little bugs, rays of quiet and a new vibration in the air. So I woke up early and poured my painting toys on the floor. It was summertime and my windows face East. The brightest sun was cascading on the canvas, the brushes and my bare legs. I feel it going into my body up to my soul. I breathe with it, through it, and it breathes through me, I start painting with the bliss of new beginnings. Red, burgundy, gold, purple, blue, green. I drip them onto raw canvas, I move them with my wet palm, I feel the music rushing through every hair strand, my chakras are connecting, pulsing and exploding… Boundless Flowers!

Name: Boundless Flowers
Artist: Mona Lazar
Size: 20″ 28″ (50 X 70 cm)
Style: Modern, Abstract
Medium: Acrylics, Inks
Colors: red, green, purple, blue, gold
Original and unique handmade acrylic painting on quality stretched canvas, ready to hang, painted edges, signed on front, satin varnish finish.

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