A beautiful young mother asked me to paint something that would represent her daughter. She was holding her as she spoke and the first colors the little girl transmitted were orange, pink, yellow and a dash of blue. I was happy. She was alive, pure and uncensored. I took her in my arms and I sat with her to see if I receive something more. There was nothing new. The little girl’s direct energy transmitted everything from the start and from a distance. Thank you, mom and little girl, for the connection that you gifted me with. 

Name: I Am New
Artist: Mona Lazar
Size: 27″ 39″ (70 X 100 cm)
Style: Modern, Abstract
Medium: Acrylics
Colors: orange, yellow, white, blue, green, pink
Original and unique handmade acrylic painting on museum quality gallery stretched 380 g canvas, ready to hang, painted edges, signed on front, satin varnish finish.

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