Are You Having Bad Sex? Stop That Immediately: Here’s How (Expert Guidance)

Part 1 of a series.

When I started my job as a relationship trainer in a cam girl studio, little did I know I’d be taking a deep dive into a completely different reality, that lurks just below the surface of our day-to-day lives: the reality of lonely (and mostly married) men who have no idea how to physically satisfy a woman.

But they really REALLY want to!

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Unknown, unfulfilled, and hidden from the eyes of the world, these guys spend their time and money on a woman in a small bedroom across the world, who fakes pleasure for their entertainment.

After just a few days at my new job, one point was abundantly clear: men need help pleasing women in bed!

And it’s not even their fault they have no idea how to do it.

Nobody taught them how. Nobody who knew, anyway.

There’s a stigma connected to female sexuality, so women don’t tell them. If someone who knows does tell them, they often don’t listen or can’t be bothered. As a result, breakups and divorce are running rampant.

What exactly is bad sex?

It’s sex that you never want to have again: unfulfilling, boring, just going through the motions, and when it’s over you wonder why you even bothered in the first place.

Sometimes you know what’s causing those feelings and sometimes you don’t. But once you find out what makes sex bad, you can always change it into something good.

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