6 Mind-Blowing Reasons You Must Experience the New Interracial Love Wave: It’s the Future of Dating

You won’t be disappointed!

Trapped between dating apps, relationship experts, and new rules, modern dating is starting to look like the mined field of what used to be clear roles and heartfelt decisions.

If you’re part of the dating world of today, you’re probably wondering: which way to turn? The first answer that comes to mind in the online world: dating apps.

And I can just hear your disillusioned sigh. Because you’ve probably tried them. And they’ve been more of a challenge than a solution. Generic, shallow, swipe-oriented time wasters that will give you something to do, but won’t solve your problem.

Three months of swiping later, you’re still single and all swiped out. And most probably by now, you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with you. Is that why you can’t find a date?

Well… most probably not.

Most probably you’re filtering a new world through an old lens and can’t get past oversimplified communities of possible dates that focus on everything exterior rather than an intention to date with an open mind and to explore common interests regardless of racial and cultural differences.

That’s where interracial dating comes to the rescue. And it uses a new tool, backed up by the youngest interracial dating community.

A huge selling point, considering younger people are naturally more into dating than anybody else and they’ve found a way to put aside their differences and open their hearts and lives to a more inclusive community, daring to explore new worlds and events and transform their lives into a successful worthwhile high-quality experience.

It’s a natural tendency when part of a generic dating site to choose the same race as yourself, opting for what seems like it might work and ignoring natural attraction to people you might not even consider, but which would widen your pool of available partners.

Meanwhile, the marginalized minority race will find less chances to match. And you might be thinking that doesn’t affect you in the least. But in the long term, it does.

Because if you’re using anything other than attraction to choose a date, it will lead you nowhere. Sure, further down the road you need several other reasons that will keep you together, but you need to start from natural attraction.

If your dating life isn’t exactly all it could be, consider interfacial dating as a strong possibility for success and give it a fair try.

Here’s how it can help:

1. Your dating pool is too small

I know how this feels. You’ve been dating a lot. Or maybe you just wanted to date. But when you took a peak at what’s out there, you shuddered.

And it’s understandable. Not because there aren’t good people out there. There are. But where on earth are they hiding?

How come everybody seems to be either too traumatized for dating, jaded, or already in a relationship?

How come it all looks like a dating war now and nobody is interested in just dating anymore? No drama, no major conflict, no ‘who’s wrong and who’s right’. Just meeting, having fun, laughing, having a great time together, and enjoying each other’s company?

What you need to know is that the people you’re looking for do exist, just like you exist. There are plenty of others who think just like you, and they’re also hiding, just like you.

However, you are partly right. One problem is that the dating pool is indeed shrinking.

More and more women are single by choice. In 2018, that number was 41% for working women between the ages of 25 and 54. By 2030, it will rise to 45%, according to global leader in financial services Morgan Stanley.

And part of the reason is that everyone is looking out there and it feels cringey. Because all they see are red pill mgtow enthusiasts fighting feminists, fighting narcissists, fighting everybody and their mother.

When the truth is most people just want to date, connect, and have a good time.

That’s where interracial dating can help.

If you feel like the dating pool you’ve been considering until now is insufficient, why stay in one pool? Why not consider swimming in the Olympic-sized swimming pool of interracial dating?

It’s a pragmatic reason. But it’s pragmatic reasons like this one, reasons like searching in the right place to find what you’ve been looking for that will eventually lead you to the best moments of your life.

Before anything else, interracial dating is just dating. There’s no need to attach any labels to it. On the contrary. We need to consider it as the viable dating solution of the new world.

interracial dating
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦/ Mixer Interracial Dating.

2. Hot is still key.

Ok, we know, we’re all trying to be less superficial than nature made us, but let’s be honest here: we are what we are. We’re all instantly and naturally attracted to a pretty face and a hot body.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all prefer our date to be attractive rather than not. Or beautiful. Or… insert physical attributes here.

Take this one study, conducted by economist Raymond Fisman and colleagues at Columbia University.

392 single men and women were invited to participate in a speed-dating event. Each participant went on between 10 and 20 four-minute speed dates with members of the opposite sex. They then rated the attractiveness, intelligence, and ambition of each person they met on a 1-to-10 scale and indicated whether they would like that person’s contact information so they could see them again.

The study found that both sexes care most about attractiveness and being attractive mattered far more than intelligence. There!

Of course, this is just a small study at a speed dating event, and we should take it with a grain of salt.

Of course, it’s not all about looks. Truth be told, most successful dating is not about looks. It’s about compatibility, communication, and finding joy in similar things, but physical attraction is the first barrier in our way to getting to know each other.

This is where interracial dating can give you a push in the right direction.

A lot of us find other races extremely attractive. And before we know anything else about the person we’re interested in, we notice what they look like.

The high cheekbones, the glowing skin, the sultry curves (my god, the curves!), or, maybe the delicate features and demure dark eyes, the cuteness, etc.

I’ll let you guess who’s who, but I bet you already know because you’ve already fantasized about them in more ways than one. I know.

So what exactly are you waiting for? They’re out there, waiting for you. There’s nothing wrong with making a move towards somebody you’re attracted to.

interracial dating
Photo by Tim Mossholder/ Mixer Interracial Dating.

3. Love hides where you least expect it

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for the one. Even when we just want to have some fun, even when we’re not in it for the long haul, even when we just need someone we take a walk through the park with… somewhere in the back of our minds and hearts, there’s still the one.

We might not call them the one, we might not even believe in the one.

But we all crave that ideal person who makes our life better, adds to it rather than subtracts, and matches our personality, needs, and goals so well that it makes that walk through the park seem like magic.

Well, here’s the thing. Love doesn’t come knocking at your door. Unless you’re someone like Rihanna. I bet there would be some lovers knocking at her door any time of the day or night if she didn’t have security.

You wouldn’t want it that way, right? No, me neither (insert embarrassed grin here).

The thing is… love is out there. But you have to be out there too! If you’re hiding inside your comfy little room, how are you going to meet?

And if you’ve been out there and it was awful… well maybe you just haven’t looked in the right place.

That’s where interracial dating can help.

Sometimes all you need to do is expand your horizons both in terms of place and in terms of place and in terms of openness.

You need to take a step outside of what you’ve already considered as your available dating pool and give a chance to this huge world of available people who are just looking for the same things you are.

interracial dating
Photo by LexScope/ Mixer Interracial Dating.

4. It’s a global world, so you’d better go multicultural

Just a few years back, all we were doing as far as relationships go was almost exclusively inside our own backyards. That kept us stuck, unable to progress and expand our horizons.

The good thing is — we don’t have to do that anymore. And we shouldn’t do that anymore, because there are so many other options, especially for the young people who are taking their first steps in this multicultural environment.

Finally, the world is your oyster. It truly is now. And the world of the future will be all about adaptation, learning, unlearning, and relearning. And if you want to be competitive, successful, and dare I say, happy, you better learn and unlearn at AI speeds.

Even when it comes to dating and enjoying another human being? Yes, especially when it comes to that.

And although it might seem a little scary and overwhelming to some, it’s actually great news. Because what we now have access to is what nobody ever had access to before: the whole world.

And interracial dating can get you there. It can get you there faster than anything else, while also fulfilling other needs and desires, like protection, connection, safety, closeness, love, and sex.

It opens up a whole world of adventure. It crosses cultural boundaries and offers you what you’ve already dreamed of: an unlimited world for you to explore.

If you date someone outside of your culture (which interracial dating usually is — or should I call it intercultural dating?) you instantly have access to what our grandparents only dreamed of, in terms of mental and physical connection, but also expanding your horizons.

interracial dating
Photo by Désirée Fawn on Mixer Interracial Dating.

5. Times are changing, but should you?

This is a tough one, but I know how you’re feeling. Lately, you’ve noticed so many changes inside the space of dating culture that it has truly turned into a war zone. And you may be wondering what is it all for.

Sure, some conflict is expected when it comes to international affairs, but when it comes to love and relationships you’d rather keep the wars at a distance.

You’re not wrong either: the dating world is a mined field at the moment.

And those who dare venture inside it do it at their own risk. But what if this is only the dating world you have been in contact with so far? What if it’s only what constantly see on social media?

What if there’s another option? And what if that option is something you haven’t considered so far? I’m talking, of course, about interracial dating.

Interracial dating can offer you the opportunity to connect with people that you haven’t considered so far. People who belong to a different environment, who come from different backgrounds, and haven’t been that exposed to the same ideas as you and have been as involved in all the social media drama of modern dating.

interracial dating
Photo by Vince Fleming/ Mixer Interracial Dating.

6. Stronger bonds grow in wild gardens

For the time being, being part of an interracial couple is still a bit of a debatable subject, for various reasons. Our parents and grandparents sure would have a thing or two to say about it. The good part is — time has shown that although they do care about our well-being, sometimes they have no idea where that well-being could come from.

They knew about a certain type of well-being when it comes to dating, and that could only come from marrying someone the family approved of, having children, working 9 to 5 to pay your mortgage, and die young, not daring to dream too big for fear you’ll never get there.

Of course, something as wild (at the time) as interracial dating was out of the question. Good thing times are changing and I have it on good authority that in the future interracial dating won’t even be a subject and we’ll refer to it only as dating because that’s exactly what it is.

Sadly, little did our parents know that our best match might be hiding in the most unexpected places and the strongest and most special of bonds would be formed with people we wouldn’t even dare dream of.


The future of dating is undoubtedly interracial, intercultural, and unapologetically open to exploring new horizons, whether they’re right next door, across the country, or across the world.

“Love is blind despite the world’s attempt to give it eyes.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

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