Men Don’t Get How Women’s Bodies Work: That’s Why They Fail To Seduce

A woman’s body is not a male body with breasts. So why do men treat it like one? 

Because men have no idea how women function. Body and mind, they just don’t know.

As a coach in a cam girl studio, I would see the same story happen over and over again, several times a day.

Men would come online to get girls. The girls working for the studio had an interactive toy on, that would vibrate when men tipped. The men started paying the girl compliments and vibrating her toy, expecting the girl to get aroused as a result.

Girls would pretended to enjoy it, because the more pleasure they pretended to receive, the more money they received. But it was all fake.

Guess what? 

Not one time did any of the guys get any of the girls aroused using that method, although that’s the exact same toy the girls would use at home playing with themselves, or making love with their partner.

How come? What’s the difference if they had the same body and the same toy?

Sexy woman on the beach.
Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

The difference is: the brain!

When the girls got aroused the brain would participate positively in the sexual activity.

Conclusion: the main thing that men are doing wrong when trying to get girls is that instead of focusing on the brain, they focus on the body.

The female body is an enigma to most guys. Because they imagine women’s bodies work like their own bodies.

Newsflash: they really don’t.

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Here’s one personal real-life example.

A few years back I had a neighbor who was really into me. As it sometimes happens, I wasn’t really into him.

We were meeting from time to time, having a beer, talking, no big deal, just being neighborly. At least that’s what I was doing.

What he was doing was trying to seduce me. And one afternoon he took it one step further in the silliest way possible: by touching me.

We were both sitting on the floor talking about god knows what, and without the slightest warning he just placed his hand on my leg. Not just any part of the leg, but my upper thigh, way above the knee, towards the groin area.

I froze. I looked at the hand and then at his face.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked in disbelief.

‘Nothing’, he said with a sheepish smile, keeping his hand on my leg.

‘Why are you touching me then?’

‘I think you’re really going to like this’, he said proudly, and I could see that he believed with all his heart that whatever he wanted to do to me would work.

I knew he didn’t stand a chance in hell, but I wanted him to have a live demonstration of how it wouldn’t.

‘Go ahead’, I said.

He massaged both my legs for about 15 minutes, during which time I was looking through the window at the beautiful sunset outside, serene and undisturbed but for the unwelcome touch of a man I wasn’t attracted to.

Feminine legs rising up from a hammock.
Photo by Yen Phi on Unsplash

At some point, I felt his hands starting to get tired.

‘Are you done?’ I asked.

He stopped for a few seconds.

‘You can’t tell me that didn’t arouse you!’ he said in disbelief.

‘It didn’t. That’s not how you arouse a woman, by massaging her legs. You can’t touch a woman into wanting you.’

I had hoped he learned his lesson, but unfortunately, he tried to do it again a few weeks later and I had to cut contact.

Not knowing is one thing. Not learning is another.

That’s why most guys cannot create lust in a woman: they have no idea which buttons to press and they imagine all the buttons are physical. But the truth is, in order to get to the physical buttons, you need to bypass the emotional ones.

I Had to Break up With My Best Friend Because He Kept Touching Me

However, there is one more workaround to the situation. But it’s short lived and it works once in a blue moon.

Here’s what it is:

You can create lust in a woman without getting her mind involved if you look like Chris Hemsworth. Or Channing Tatum. Or Henry Cavill. Etc.

You know what I mean. Female body: activated.

But before you go running to tell the world that women are only interested in Chads, stop. They’re not.

Women are only human. And Chads look good. But only from a distance. Because even if you do look like these guys, but you have a bad personality, you will be nothing more than an attractive dolls that lost its magic the moment it was taken out of the box.

Sexy fit man getting out of a swimming pool.
Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

One of the major things that men don’t understand about the female body is that sexual arousal for women happens as a result of mental arousal. 

It’s not the only way, but it’s the most common way.

If you’re interested in the art of seduction, you need to stop treating a woman like just another man who would get aroused if you touched his genitals. Try that and you might get a slap and a restraining order.

And no, that’s not an invitation to go touching men inappropriately just to see how they react.

What you need to do is:

  1. Find out what she likes and give her that.
  2. But not what she likes in bed. You’re far from that point. Seduction is a psychological game, not a sexual one.
  3. Focus on the brain and the body will follow. It works with men too. Seduce their brain and their body will stay.
  4. Work on your body, but prioritize your mind.
  5. Don’t focus on lust, focus on love.

No matter who your love interest is, rest assured that people in all walks of life are dying to be seduced.

Day-to-day life is often so boring and unsatisfactory that both women and men are willing to do anything to just have someone skillful enough to lower their resistance and seduce them into a thrilling experience.

The world is full of subjects eagerly awaiting your magic touch. All you need is the method. And the method has very little to do with the body. It’s all about the mind!

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