Woman Fakes Being Submissive to Seduce Men Out of Money and It Works

Not the first time it happens!

You don’t need to be an expert in seduction to know that people want what they can’t have and fantasy is more seductive than reality.

And still, we fall for it!

If there is one easy seduction rule I could impart to the world as a love coach and student of deep psychology, it would be: find out what they want and embody that. It has worked since the beginning of time.

If it’s really who you are, this will be a love made in heaven. if you’re faking… well, the seduction goal is accomplished and you’d better watch out for the wrath of the person you fooled.

Hypersexual women who adore men are one of the most sought-after seduction archetypes. Women have known and used this forever, and some of the most well-known seductresses in history fit this prototype.

And since good seducers always have to fit their technique to the mores of the century, enter the submissive woman — just another side effect of the red pill movement. 

Wherever there’s a need or want, there’s someone to take advantage of it and someone to analyze it.

The 5 Big Assets Men Think Women Want Vs. Reality

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday, as I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok to get my daily dopamine hit, I came across the profile of this blonde Texan bombshell telling women to be submissive, make their men a sandwich, and get ready to please him when he comes home from a hard day at work.

Wait, what?! She stopped me in my scrolling tracks.

I was a deer in the headlights and she was the truck coming right for me.

What on earth did I just hear?

I just had to go on her profile for further investigation! And there she was, in all her splendor. And I don’t mean that lightly or sarcastically, she is blonde, ripped, and absolutely gorgeous.

Every video was about her showing her hot physique, telling men how much she appreciates them in her life, and teaching women to take care of their men with a smile and a playful wink: ‘It’s not that hard, ladies’.

Plus a lot of openly sexual remarks that I don’t have the audacity to mention here, but get ready to discuss them quite shamelessly on my Substack.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

And then I checked the comment section. It was almost exclusively men gushing over her: they loved her! The most common comment was ‘Where have you been all my life’?

In about 5 videos I knew what was going on. I went to her bio to confirm it: yup, she was an OnlyFans model telling men what they wanted to hear. That’s where she’s been all their lives: on OnlyFans.

And even though I knew that… I just…couldn’t… stop… watching.

Even though I knew what was going on, even though I’ve been a love and relationship coach for 6 years and used to be a cam girl trainer for 3, I just …couldn’t… stop… watching!

And seeing this woman, I understood exactly how men feel. Even I developed some sort of instant crush on her, although I’m neither a man nor gay. However, I totally got her appeal.

She is a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want somebody whose main desire is you? Loving you, serving your needs, being your absolute ideal partner and no. 1 fan? Who doesn’t want someone who adores their very existence on this earth? It’s absolutely seductive in every possible way!

Seductress: The Skill, The Art, The Magic

Even when you have to pay with your money, time, and loneliness, you do it because the dopamine rush these people give you is so strong that it keeps you locked there, in that fantasy, hoping that one day it just might become real.

That’s how men become addicted to porn and women fall in love with romance novel characters.

A romance book lover won’t tell her ‘I love you more than he does’. He’ll tell her ‘I will worship at the light of your love, my queen. Forget about him. He will sacrifice you to save this world. But I will burn this world for you!’ And then he’ll proceed to take her in his arms and slash the throats of her enemies.

While I did make up this quote and situation, I’m sure it somehow seeped into my subconscious from the massive amount of romance novels I get in my TikTok feed.

And why do I get so many? Because those magic fictional men seduced me into their fantasy, just like this Texas girl, with her accent and her buttocks.

The bad part is, however, that real men and women are not like the fictional characters in our heads. If we want those we have to pay for them.

The good part is that they don’t even have to be to experience the same thrill.

Photo by VENUS MAJOR on Unsplash

Hear me out: there’s nothing wrong with seducing and letting yourself seduced. There’s also nothing wrong with paying for what you want… there’s something wrong with pretending it’s real.

A few thousand dollars or wasted years of our lives later, we wake up sad and alone and wonder: am I truly satisfied with the fictional characters designed to take my money and feed into my ego? Is there no magic in real life?

I’m happy to tell you that there is! You’re just going about it all wrong.

It’s easy to slip into the addiction of thinking that the only type of magic, happiness, and fulfillment you can experience only comes from fictional characters, porn stars, or a person on the screen that tells you everything you want to hear.

But it’s just a matter of perspective. While you do get intense pleasure from these characters for just a few seconds, real sustainable happiness and fulfillment come from real people who hold us in their real arms and sleep with us in real beds, looking at us with real loving eyes.

And it feels so much better than a fantasy we have to pay for.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Women who love men are out there. Maybe they don’t dress in short shorts and talk in innuendoes all day long, but I don’t think she’ll say no if you ask her nicely. Just make sure it’s warm and you’re not being sleazy about it. 

A lot more can be achieved with being cute, and sweet, and telling her it would make you happy.

The same goes for women: men who love women are out there. A man who loves you won’t have a problem telling you he’d burn this world for you, kiss you deeply against the door frame, and hold you tight in a firm but loving embrace. 

Just ask for what you want! Again, be cute and sweet, honey goes a long way.

Good people are out there. And they’re looking for you too. You just need to know how to let the good ones in, not those who trick you with their perfect lies.

Seducers are also out there. And they’re looking for you too. If you’re one of them or are yearning for the deep and powerful feelings of a thrilling adventure of the senses, pick up my free Seduction Decoded E-book here or contact me to decode your own seduction and love life.

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