Men Insist on Becoming Extinct and We’ll Just Have to Let Them Have Their Way

#notallmen, but enough men.

Men are going at it again, folks, and they’re not doing themselves any favors. Sigh… But it’s not up to us to save them no matter how much we want to, is it?

I recently started a YouTube channel. It hardly gets any views and I already wonder why I’m doing it because to tell you the truth it takes a lot of work.

I have to get dressed, put on makeup, set up lights, camera, microphone, speak, make mistakes, correct mistakes, edit for long boring hours, etc.

It was just one more way I wanted to repurpose my writing, so I suppose I just added more work to it.

Despite the novelty of my channel, the video that I posted a few days ago is going slightly viral.

For a newbie like me, that means going from my usual 38 views to 1K views.

And from my usual 0 comments to 23 comments. All from men. All offensive. Sigh… Please notice I’m already on my second ‘sigh’ of the article.

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Now let me tell you this. The video is not in the least offensive. Or aggressive. It’s not even a feminist perspective. It’s just a script that is meant to help men get along with women, like a lot of my writing.

How exactly does this help? Am I asking men to be the top 1% earners and cater to her every need? Nope. Am I suggesting they be top-dog or women won’t want them? Not in the slightest. Quite the contrary. Am I suggesting they be slaves to women? Nah. I don’t believe in that unless there is enthusiastic consent.

What I’m going for is based on the principles of mutual respect and understanding. Which, apparently, is too much to ask.

The video is based on an article called Women Only Choose Men Who Understand These 9 Critical Things

Here are the subtitles/ advice/ help/ suggestions I gave:

1. Don’t make it all about you and don’t make it all about her.

2. Stop trying to convince her how great you are.

3. Stop telling her what to think and believe.

4. Stop playing roles.

5. Are you sure you’re into her or are you just into the idea of femininity?

6. If she can’t count on you, she won’t choose you.

7. If there is only one skill you need to have, it’s not getting better at oral (it’s listening).

8. A woman’s life is not about you and you shouldn’t make it about her either.

9. Unless you’re a good partner, you won’t get a good woman.

Here are some of the comments I got:

‘Nobody cares what women want.’

‘Yeah…that sounds like alotta work. I’ll just stick with being an asshole. It’s quicker.’

‘That poor woman is a victim of her own imagination.’

‘Just trust Women to be Women…..And be careful gents!’

‘No thanks. I’ll take a traditional women that values her femininity and appreciates masculinity. A good woman knows a good man when she sees one and puts herself in a position to be chosen by him. If I’m seeking to be chosen by her, than I’m not a self made masculine man that can bring true value to a woman’s life that is seeking to bring true value to mine.’

‘Yeah empathy for what a man could want is not something that comes natural for a woman in a “Relationship” He literally gave you a way to invest in the relationship delivered on a silver platter, yet, no, obviously no.’

The last one refers to a personal story from the video about a colleague of mine who’s into me, but I’m not into him, and he asks me to bake him a strawberry pie (lol, what?!). 

Apparently, he gave me a way to invest in a relationship (that I have 0 interest in), but no, I have no ‘empathy for what a man could want’. Obviously what I want (which is not that man who wants me) is irrelevant and I’d better go bake him that pie and invest in something I don’t want.

Again, what?…

Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water on Unsplash

The way men feel ok with considering that women lack empathy because they don’t put away their own needs is staggering.

The way men feel ok professing they don’t care about what women want, and that it’s ok to be assholes because that’s what women go for anyway is astonishing.

I also had a short video some time ago advising men that it’s easier to seduce women by appealing to their brain rather than their body and I got at least 8 comments saying the exact same thing: ‘What brain?’

Where do these people get the audacity to think that way, let alone say it?

I won’t answer that. It’s rhetorical, obviously.

What I did answer though was the first comment to my video. A big mistake. It was my natural first reaction, to answer when addressed, but I should have known better to not interact with misogynists and incels. All they deserve is to be ignored or blocked.

I won’t reply, I won’t come back with witty remarks, I won’t get angry, or even read the comments.

I’ll just let them fume and scream their inadaptability to the world, while I’m on my way to my next article helping men and women get closer in a healthy way that they both benefit from.

These articles and videos are the perfect way for myself and other women to identify the type of men we need to keep away from. The best way to find out their rhetoric and their vitriolic reaction to benign and healthy advice.

It’s also the best way to let their species die out because no woman will be barefoot and pregnant with their baby.

If some guy is ok with saying loud and proud that women don’t have a brain, that he doesn’t care what women want, or that he’s just going to be an asshole to women, we shouldn’t, under any circumstances, give him the time of day. 

Or, god forbid, have his baby.

This bad behavior is not just something frustrated and angry men do against women. It’s something they do against society, and the world at large.

Meanwhile, men so easily dismiss women who are trying to save the world, like Greta Thunberg. From what I’ve witnessed, the baseline male instinct is to point and laugh because the warnings are not coming from a loudmouth male. (Jeff Hayward)

Men: We Need to Change, or Become Extinct

The loudmouth males that get out there, scream their narrow truth and expect everyone to give into it, because they said so.

At higher levels, they invade countries, erase cultural heritage, and gun down the population. They demand that the country give them pieces of itself just because they said so. Because they want it that way.

And why do they do that? Because they can. Because nobody stopped them. Because nobody told them otherwise. Because they had the power and used it to use and abuse.

And those who have the power never need to change anything. Until they lose that power. And then they need to readapt to the new conditions.

Well, that time is now. Now men need to change their ways or die out.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

And I know that’s hard to hear. I know it’s threatening and the backlash against it is natural. It’s not easy to lose power, even if it’s not exactly fair that you had it.

But it will be the only way if men want to survive.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing these articles to help men be better people. Why? Because I see men need a ton of help in this department. And almost no one gives it to them.

That’s for good reason.

Most men reject help that doesn’t coddle their fragile egos. Those men will die out.

Most men will rather listen to lies than face the hard truth. No problem. They will weed themselves out.

Most men don’t want to change and want to preserve the status quo that is leading to their own extinction. That’s fine. Those men will not take their genes further into the future.

Humanity’s sovereignty is based on adaptability and these men are openly saying they won’t adapt.

But then there are the other men.

The men who decide to adapt and grow, those are the men of the future. The ones who survive and thrive. They are the ones who my articles are for.

The good men, the kind men, the men who contribute to the progress of humanity and not its downfall. The men we love, respect, and cherish.

The rest don’t matter.

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