The 9 Rules of Seduction That Professionals Like Myself Use Daily

…but keep to themselves.

I used to be a relationship coach in a cam girl studio. My job was to teach cam girls how to create a safe and loving environment for lonely men who were craving connection.

But that’s only one side of the coin. The other side can be summed up like this: I was teaching virtual sex workers how to seduce.

By now people who believe seduction is evil have already left the building, which is great. Because those who stayed are truly interested in how they can have the successful and fulfilling relationships they’ve always dreamed of.

Seduction is only evil if it ends with the conquest. If you keep going, it’s nothing but a skill most people don’t have, but desperately need. Because we all need love, connection, and to belong to a community where we feel cherished.

And we can all have that, as long as we know and apply the same simple rules that I taught the girls, but work just as well for boys, gentlemen, my neighbor, or your mom.

If you’re interested in the juicy deep dive, you can get it on my Substack or grab my Seduction Decoded FREE e-book here!

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